Break-Up or Make-Up? When Family, Friends, and Acquaintances Spread Disinformation on Social Media I got attacked on social media. It finally happened. It was something I had purposely tried to avoid for the longest time. There were many reasons I did not want to get into a debate (really, more like a pissing match) with someone on Facebook. For one, having launched a business recently, I tried to stay away from politics. And it was not politics that started it. Unfortunately, “making a point or commenting” on anything these days means taking a political side. My business was new and… Read More »BREAK-UP OR MAKE-UP?

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White Women – What Gives?

I just started listening to my first audiobook. I picked Brittney Cooper’s “Eloquent Rage” – a book about a black feminist discovering her superpower – for several reasons: I had never read a book by a black author, and I wanted to hear a female author narrate her own memoir since I have ambitions to do the same with mine. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never read a book by any black author. Looking at my library (electronic and physical) makes me whiter than Snow White. “Eloquent Rage” will be the first of many more to come. There’s… Read More »White Women – What Gives?

Hello, I’m…

HELLO, I’M… DICKLESS! I’m a woman. I was born that way. But there’s more to being dickless. It was mostly men who tried to define who I was. And men tried to define who they did not want me to be. As a woman in corporate America, I quickly became familiar with the term dickless. The exclusion factor—based on the lack of one (attached-at-birth) penis—is so openly and purposefully executed—that we all seem to have accepted it as the normal status quo of our work environments. Nonetheless, I decided to accept my dicklessness. I’m not ashamed of being a woman.… Read More »Hello, I’m…