In corporate America, where I was involved in automotive, printing, self-adhesive labels, non-wovens, and electronics manufacturing for 25+ years, I used to write incredible emails and reports. Whatever I wrote, never had much of an impact. That bothered me! The industries I worked in were all dominated by men. At meetings, trade shows, and conventions, I had a hard time finding another woman in management. Typically when I did, I had an even harder time connecting with her on an emotionally honest level. That bothered me even more! Tired of my own acceptance of the way things have been, I wondered: 

How can I make things better for women? 

And most importantly: How can I make a change fast? What did I have going for me?

The answers were amazingly simple:

I was an expert at being a woman. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I was alive and healthy. I could write a book most women could relate to. I would start with: Awareness!

Awareness is the most important factor when deciding what to do next. Without it, everything remains stuck. I quit my corporate job and started to write my first book about women’s struggles:

DICKOTOMY, A Dickless Memoir.

I would love to hear from anyone who supports the women’s movement. Please feel free to connect with me either via my CONTACT page, or click on the links in the footer for my social media content.

We are the same, but different. We are different, but the same.