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Dear Trump-Supporting Republicans:

The headline is spot on. You have been DICKs. You’ve had every chance to stand up for what was right.

You had the opportunity to be on the other side of that coin: You could have been RICKs.

But here we are and you’re not. You’re still DICKs because you lack so many things: Sense, courage, decency, morals, integrity… I could go on.

I didn’t used to be like this. But I can’t keep it in anymore, nor do I wish to.

The constant misinformation, the smear ads, the outrageous, false claims, the dicktator-in-chief at the White House. The bullying, the lying, the pettiness, the ignorance, the arrogance…

I can’t believe I have to become political over humanity issues, over morals and ethics that seem to have disappeared – alongside logic and compassion – from Republicans full of greed, hatred, and ignorance to deny racism, global warming, human rights, equal rights, and social programs meant to safeguard Americans from financial ruin and ensure access to affordable health care.

WTF.  The inhumanity of it all is forcing me to vomit out my contempt.

Contempt which I have accumulated over the past four years. Four super stressful years. Years full of anxiety, sleepless nights, uncertainty, and the awful realization that a lot of American have hearts full of hate and shit-for-brains. 

Thanks to you.

I can’t believe our country has fallen into such despair.

You have played a major part in this.

When I immigrated in 1990, this -still- was the land of opportunity. It is now the land of the opportunistic, greedy person of false-Christian denomination and Republican political affliction with the following mindset: Let’s forget about the environment or equal pay or making big corporate firms pay their share. Let’s ensure our profits are there, and let’s not share our prosperity with the working people, whom we will bleed for all they got, and let’s keep them dumb and low so they cannot be educated and vote for their interests.

You’re DICKs for oppressing women, for cheering on a pussy-grabbing narcissist, for not defending (disabled) veterans, for filling RBG’s seat prior to the election rather than passing a relief bill for the millions of struggling Americans, for rejecting BLM yet not rejecting white supremacy, for giving Christianity a really bad rep, for all the lies that spill out every time you open your mouths.

It’s obvious: You are no longer Republicans. You are Trumpsters.

The way I see it, if you’re still a Republican under the Trump administration, then you are part of the biggest problem this country has ever faced. Read up on Nazism and how silence and compliance was one of the biggest errors made by well-meaning, proud, and patriotic Germans. Of course, you could be part of the root problem: You love putting your interests above others. You love injustice and classism. You’re all about yourself. I’ve lost you at the headline.

If you are still reading this as a Republican, here’s what I’m saying: All I see, is you not caring about what you leave behind for the next generation. It’s as clear as day.

It’s not even political; it’s about ethics. You made it political and partisan, just like the pandemic. You could have saved many lives. You didn’t.

Go ahead. Call me the unthankful immigrant. The one who’s never done anything for this country.

The one who only takes and feeds off the government. How ignorant.

You do realize that I’m not from a shit country?

You tried to bully me into silence before. For fact checking. For requesting decency.

For patriotism that you call Unamerican but is more American than you’ll ever be.

I’m not sure you realize that you can’t change patriotism into white nationalism. Just like you can’t make America great again. In fact, you made America miserable. Four more years, and I may have to find an exit strategy before I’m turned into a Martha.

I realized early on that the wall wasn’t meant to keep people out.

I became a citizen in 1997. I was all about the American Dream. I loved MY freedom. And I don’t mean the freedom to own a gun and wear it in public just like I had seen in the Cowboy movies growing up. I mean the freedom that gives me the freedom to choose whether I want to own a gun to carry on my body, or the freedom to choose whether I want to give birth to a child in my body. I won’t go there in detail, but don’t let me catch you without a mask while you pretend to be pro-life in an effort to control and oppress women.

I still believe in the American Dream that anything is possible. Even though you don’t want me to realize that potential. I believe – within reason and circumstance – that you can be who you want to be. Even if that’s a DICK. Look at you: It’s a choice you made.

I created my DICKLESS brand a few years ago when I wrote a book about the imbalances of life as an average woman. I created DICKOTOMY – the title of my memoir – because it addressed the conflict in men that determined whether they would be a Rick or a Dick (to me). You should read it. You’re probably in it in your capacity as one of the many DICKs every woman meets in her life.

I am so proud of my dicklessness.           

Unfortunately for you, I want to believe that Americans will do the right thing.

I have faith in the goodness of people.

I pray (even though my freedom of religion includes no religion) that YOU will wake the F up.

Either to have that curtain lifted to see the truth and ugliness of what your party has become.

Or to the realization that humanity took back this country in an effort to make things right again.

Thanks for reading! I’m Petra, and I’m an author, speaker, and women’s advocate.

While my passion is advocating against sexist oppression, I love to write about all things that connect us as humans.

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  1. Well, you just blew me away with your editorial — very powerful; very truthful. I used to be proud to be an American, but trump’s America isn’t anything to be proud of anymore— it’s humiliating and embarrassing. I am so tired of being angry & stressed & miserable, and I’m so very, very tired of watching this country sink lower than anyone could have ever imagined.

    1. Just because they are more vocal, doesn’t mean they represent all of us. We can continue to show our patriotism through our decency and our actions. But I feel that we must be the voice of the oppressed before we, too, become oppressed. Thank you for your support. It will take a village. Or more…

  2. Excellent blog! You are right. This country used to make me proud and I held my head up with pride. Now its become ugly and evil and made me ashamed to say I’m an American. Other countries are worried for us and no longer look to come here. But in the end I keep faith in the Universe that good will prevail and we will unite to make it right again
    and be a beacon of hope again to the rest of the world.

  3. Very well said Petra. I agree with you completely. The last 4 years have been embarrassing for Americans. We watched as Trump alienated our allies, and cozied up with the dictators of the world. We also watched our allies laughing at Trump, and his base thinks nothing is wrong. They grab their guns, Trump flags, Confederate flags, and their wannabe tactical gear to go out to spread hate. I have never been so stressed in my life, and I have been through a lot. I hope like hell enough Biden supporters/decent Americans get out and vote. I don’t think this country will survive another 4 more years of Trump.

    1. You’re so right Bill. This has been a really stressful time. And it has been a constant. Maybe it was a tactic to get us all numb and accepting. It hasn’t worked. Now we’re all pissed off….. hopefully this will change soon.

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